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Gain the strength, balance and body you have been seeking. Learn to defend yourself or engage in competition fighting in karate, mixed martial arts (kickboxing) or regular (American) boxing. Flexibility and or a more attractive physique can be yours utilizing one of the programs we offer.
Unlike other fitness centers we listen to and train to your unique goals. A better form of life with the confidence gained by our instruction await you.

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Calasanz is the founder and head instructor at Westport Boxing & Calasanz Martial Arts. He came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic over thirty years ago with a dream to revolutionize the martial arts. Calasanz studied Goju-Ryu Karate under the watchful eye of Master Tamajoshi Sakamoto. He also trained in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu under Moy Yat, a well-respected instructor based in New York City and student of Grandmaster, Yip Man, who taught the late Bruce Lee.

Despite his early training in traditional fighting systems, Calasanz dared to abandon the "one size fits all" karate and kung-fu curriculums. Instead, he combined the best martial art techniques along with a unique physical conditioning program and created THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™. Calasanz earned his reputation by training black belts, tournament competitors, celebrities, people with disabilities, law enforcement officers, and sports figures who valued his unorthodox approach.

In 1990, he remodeled the warehouse at 507 Westport Avenue that is now the home of Westport Boxing & Calasanz Martial Arts. In an industry with a high failure rate, Calasanz' willingness to look beyond tradition has created one of the most successful martial arts enterprises in the country.

Calasanz is also the author of Creating the Body You Want, a fully illustrated hardcover book that exhibits the basic exercises of THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™. Calasanz also appeared in Only The Strong, a 1993 martial arts movie that showcased the ancient art of Capoeira. He also starred in Crossing The Line, produced in Fairfield County by Coast Entertainment. The movie played in theaters on the East Coast and in the Dominican Republic, where Calasanz is a national hero. Calasanz and his family are also actively involved with in providing humanitarian aid to the poor of his native country through the Cipri Family Foundation.