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Going for Group Class

Calasanz Physical Arts has become famous for its bespoke private martial arts training. However, Calasanz is now able to offer a greater number of group classes and really enjoys the joint sense of achievement that each class feels upon completion.

We recommend the group classes to students who have been taking private classes for a while and feel that they want to charge up their routine and explore a new avenue of their advancement. There are many benefits to group classes. Through participating you can:

  • Enhance and improve your martial arts abilities by exposing yourself to a variety of different body types and levels of ability.
  • Find new ways to motivate yourself by constantly challenging yourself to keep pace with the other members in the class.
  • Make it into a group event! Join the class as a family or friend group and spend time with your loved ones while improving your overall health.
  • Meet new people. Using the group sessions as a way to meet like-minded people and form great long lasting friendships is a fantastic use of your time.
  • Find a training partner. Calasanz recommends that you find someone to train with. Not only is this great motivation but it allows you to offer your experience and knowledge to another person.

Calasanz is a very focused and diligent martial arts instructor that will work with you to develop your skills and form. He is especially excited to teach groups as he is aware of the great atmosphere that a class can generate. The group classes take place every day of the week so you have no excuse to not at least try it out.

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