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Welcome to Westport Boxing & Calasanz Martial Arts

Our Mission: To empower anyone to express themselves through a wide range of martial arts while getting fit and to achieve new heights of power, strength, flexibility and endurance. Our Motto: Going for Greatness
Private Sessions by appointment - starting at 4a.m. until 10p.m. 7 days per week.

Come to Westport Boxing for excellence in Boxing training. We are offering boxing and martial art training at Norwalk, CT from last 30 years. Our experienced trainers have competed professionally and continue the tradition by passing their passion to their students. Don't just hit a bag. Come here to learn technique, power and control. We also do sparring regularly so you can track your progress in skill and competence in the ring. We offer:

American Boxing Training, CT

We have professional American Boxing Trainer in Norwalk, CT. Our American Boxing program is designed to teach the user control, speed, agility and fight smarts. We incorporate our unique exercises to improve coordination, power, endurance and agility. Weekly sparring available.

Recreational Boxing in CT

Recreational Boxing/Self Defense takes the traditional boxer's workout and turns it into a practical exercise program designed to get you into shape and accelerate your boxing and self-defense skills. Follow this program for a great workout while learning the basics of boxing at the same time.

Mixed Martial Arts Training, CT

Our well of Mixed Martial Arts trainers have a wealth of experience in an array of Martial styles. Train in our MMA program to become well balanced and confident under any circumstance. With styles available from Muay Thai to Boxing to BJJ and more. You will never run out of tips, tricks, techniques and methods to learn and master.

Women's Self Defense in CT

A short course designed to give you the basics of personal self defense. Learn simple tactics and methods to be prepared for the outside world. Learn about red flags, environmental cues and courses of action. Information is useful but practical self defense requires training, which is why we make sure you not only mentally grasp the methods but also put them to practice.

Children's Programs

Our children's programs are designed to give kids a fun and engaged experience all while learning the basics of boxing. They will learn the importance of head movement, how to make a good fist and much much more. We stress responsibility and discipline with all of our kids to give them aptitude and confidence both inside and outside of the ring.