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Mario Contacessi

Mario Contacessi was born in Molfetta, Italy. His first exposure to the martial arts was at the age of 13, when he began training in Tae Kwon Do and then took up Jiu Jitsu the following year. He furthered his studies in the fighting arts when he served in the special Italian military force called the "bersaglieri."

Mario enrolled at Calasanz because his martial arts training included something that the other schools did not...a unique system of physical conditioning. In 1991, Calasanz took a number of his students to his native Dominican Republic for a series of exhibitions and a demonstration at the Santo Domingo Coliseum. The school was received with great enthusiasm and appreciation. This experience solidified Mario's commitment to Calasanz' training methods and philosophy. A year after returning from the trip, he started teaching at Calasanz dojo, focusing on training adults, children, and young athletes. Mario is also a master of Calasanz' training methods and a Wing Chun specialist.

"THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ has provided me with the full sphere of physical, mental, and spiritual nourishment" says Mario. "It is the merging of these elements that truly represents the full scope of the martial arts."

Mario is sincere in his desire to impart the same depth of knowledge, respect, and dedication to developing a breadth of skill and understanding of the physical - and mental arts - that Calasanz' system has provided him throughout the course of his life. "I encourage you to embark upon your own exploration of our system and the benefit to mind, body and spirit that it represents to old and young alike - no matter your current physical ability."