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Nicholas Bova ( Professor Careca)

Professor Careca is an instructor of Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art that utilizes aspects of music, dance, and acrobatics. He began his Capoeira training in the year 2000 and has competed in several tournaments. While his primary instructor is Master Efraim Silva, Professor Careca has studied with over fifty accomplished Capoeira masters.

In addition to its self-defense components, Capoeira is also an art form, characterized by devastating tricky blows primarily delivered with kicks and head butts, acrobatics, and take downs. Professor Careca loves the energy of the Roda, a circle formed by people who sing and clap their hands to Capoeira music while two partners in the center engage in a physical dialogue. As he puts it, "the music starts, the beat of the drum, the twang of the berimbau, the pop of the pandeiro, and the Roda has begun."

"I can express myself through my Capoeira movements," says Professor Careca, who is "instantly magnetized with this energy." He describes Capoeira as "a dance like fight, a fight like dance" and "the art of the body, and the equilibrium of the mind." Professor Careca's goal is to "illuminate the personal power within individuals physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually via the various forms of expression within Capoeira culture."