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Still Standing…The Calasanz Martial Arts Revolution and Evolution

While many martial art schools have a high failure rate, Calasanz is the exception. The formula to success in this business was created by a man who arrived in the United States over thirty years ago with a dream and a revolutionary attitude toward martial arts training. Calasanz' remarkable teaching methods have helped strengthen and train countless men, women and children from all walks of life and fitness levels.

Calasanz earned his reputation by training black belts from other systems, tournament competitors, celebrities, and sports figures who valued his unorthodox approach. Calasanz combined the best martial art techniques along with a unique physical conditioning program known as CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS™ that attracted many students looking for something new and effective. He also dared to step beyond the group class method, offering students’ private, one-on-one training, tailored to their specific needs.

Law enforcement officers, bodyguards, and military personnel were particularly attracted to his system because Calasanz instinctively knew that traditional martial art styles weren’t practically designed for this population. This inspired him to create the CALASANZ STREET SURVIVOR™ program, still popular today, not only among law enforcement, but also anyone looking for practical self-defense training.

The ability to predict fitness trends has also been a cornerstone of Calasanz’ success in a tough industry. Calasanz was teaching women’s kickboxing classes and “mixing” martial arts long before these disciplines were introduced to the masses. It is also interesting to know that his students were flipping tractor trailer tires, swinging sledge hammers, and climbing ropes in his warehouse dojo years before it became fashionable to train in a “garage gym.”

Calasanz’ willingness to look beyond tradition has created one of the most successful martial arts enterprises in the country, but he’s not stopping there. The world has changed dramatically since Calasanz first opened his doors, so he is working tirelessly in his pursuit to expand his system and evolve for the benefit of his students.

So while many martial arts schools have opened and closed their doors over the last thirty years, we are proud to say that…Calasanz is still standing.